Registered Investment Advisors

Sunport is a registered investment advisor established in 1999 with the objective of helping its clients reach their investment goals in an efficient and personalized way .

Sunport Services

Design and administration of investment portfolios

According to our advisors’ experience in the financial markets and our clients’ needs and objectives, we recommend the allocation of financial resources into the different investment instruments available, both in fixed and variable income, that we consider best reflect the yield and risk tolerance of each of our clients. Our administration process focuses on not reacting to particular events, but on the contrary, maintaining the discipline and consistence necessary to reach the long term investment goals originally established.

Financial and Testamentary Planning

A financial investment portfolio must be analyzed, and if necessary modified, according to long term individual and family goals. The investment strategy must incorporate a multitude of factors such as retirement plans, educational expenditures, insurances, and fiscal and testamentary issues. A timely analysis may result in interesting economic benefits, as well as peace of mind. Please allow us to help with your financial planning. Contact us.

Patrimonial auditing

We can evaluate

  • Bank and brokerage house statements
  • Diverse financial investments